Local communities

Vindr understands that our success as a company depends on our ability to be a reliable partner for our local communities.

At Vindr, we have developed strong procedures to ensure we can be the best partner for our partners, the communities we operate and the public officials we engage. Our commitment goes beyond formalities — actively incorporating the insights and needs of local stakeholders, we strive to develop projects that resonate with and benefit the communities they belong to.

Factoring in local electricity needs, we ensure that our projects are strategically located to meet the specific demands of the communities we serve. Rather than imposing change, we seek local acceptance, working hand-in-hand with stakeholders of local communities to seamlessly integrate sustainable energy production into the fabric of local society.

Camilla Anderson

Camilla Anderson, leading Vindr in the Swedish market, is a visionary committed to community impact. In Sweden, her focus is on actively engaging and contributing to local communities, ensuring that our renewable power plants go beyond clean energy to create lasting positive effects on the areas we serve.

Camilla’s leadership extends beyond the energy sector, actively partnering with local industries in Sweden to create jobs and economic opportunities. Through community outreach and collaborations with businesses, she integrates Vindr into the fabric of each community, enabling social and economic development.

At the heart of Camilla’s vision is the belief that the benefits of renewable energy should be shared with the local community. She envisions empowering residents to actively participate in and benefit from the value created by our renewable power plants.


Marko Viiding

Marko Viiding, the driving force behind Vindr’s urgent energy initiatives in the Baltic market. As a visionary leader, Marko is dedicated to meeting the pressing need for increased local energy production. In light of the critical demand to replace fossil energy imports, his focus in the Baltic region is on rapid, sustainable solutions that extend beyond clean energy, creating an immediate and lasting positive impact on the regions we serve.

Marko’s leadership in the Baltics becomes even more critical as the nation faces an urgent need to enhance energy security and reduce reliance on fossil fuel imports. Actively working with local partners to accelerate job creation and economic opportunities, he propels Vindr into the forefront of the local energy landscape. Marko wants Vindr to be an integral part of each community and create opportunities in the municipalities we operate in.

At the core of Marko’s urgent vision for the Baltics is the belief that renewable energy is a key solution to the nation’s energy security concerns. He envisions empowering residents to actively participate in and benefit from the value created by our renewable power plants, swiftly addressing the pressing need for locally produced energy.


Jan-Olav Øderud

Jan-Olav Øderud is in charge innovative energy solutions in the Norwegian market. Jan-Olav is committed to meeting the growing demand for energy production close to consumption. In Norway, his focus is on pioneering sustainable solutions that not only reduce energy prices but also enable local development.

With a keen eye on environmental impact, Jan-Olav is dedicated to producing energy on cultivated land, ensuring a low environmental footprint while addressing the immediate energy needs of the regions we serve. Jan-Olav’s leadership in Norway takes center stage as the nation seeks to optimize energy production in proximity to demand, driving down prices and fostering local development.

At the core of Jan-Olav’s vision for Norway is the belief that energy production should be both efficient and environmentally conscious. He envisions empowering local residents to benefit from affordable energy produced with a low environmental impact, harnessing the potential of cultivated land.

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