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At Vindr, we go beyond mere wind power construction; we are shapers of the energy future, driven by the desire to make a long-term impact in every step of our process. As developers, constructors, operators, and owners of our projects, everything we do is part of our dedicated pursuit of a sustainable future. Every investment and technological innovation reflects our commitment to enduring and conscientious energy production, with the needs of local communities at the center.

Vindr is ensuring vital energy security with a commitment to the full project lifecycle, fostering positive sustainable contributions to our communities.

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Vindr Project pipeline

Vindr have a rapidly expanding pipeline of renewable projects set to create positive impacts on both local communities and the environment.

  • 2.1 Gigawatt
  • 46 Projects
  • 4 Countries

Vindr will be a key actor in the energy transition, they are ambitious, skilled and expert people who will help them carry their ambitions a reality.

Infravia is partnering with Vindr, to make that ambition reality. Infravia believe strongly in Vindr’s strategy of produce power close to demand which is the most sustainable way of building new energy.

Charlotte Marchand, Vindr Board Member and Investment Manager at Infravia

At WindSim, we firmly believe that accurate knowledge is power and a cornerstone of competitive renewable project development.

We are proud partners of Vindr, a pioneering force in the renewable energy sector that places technology and accurate information at the heart of project development.

This partnership exemplifies our shared commitment to innovation, reduced uncertainty, sustainability, and the pursuit of a greener future.

With WindSim’s cloud-based Accelerator CFD-solution and Vindr’s technological prowess, we are driving positive change and shaping the future of renewable energy in Northern Europe.

Ingvar Aaberg, CEO - WindSim

Vindr is an independent power producer that is set to become a leading renewable energy producer across technologies.

We saw that our peers were developing large projects far away from consumption; our ambition is to have our projects close to consumption with lower environmental impact and contributing to the local community where we are establishing production.

Jan-Olav Øderud, CEO Vindr

In the region, we sometimes encounter arguments against renewable power, citing the presence of a green electricity mix.

However, this is occasionally confused with the overall energy mix. In Sweden and Norway, for example, there is a significant reliance on fossil-fueled cars, the transportation of goods, industrial processes, and agriculture—all heavily dependent on fossil fuels.

In Estonia, the electricity grid is predominantly fueled by shale oil. It is imperative that we address these challenges to combat climate change.

Camilla Anderson, Head of Vindr Sweden

At Vindr, we possess in-depth knowledge of the technology we work with.

Few can claim the experience of working on renewable structures across five continents over several decades, but we can.

This expertise is invaluable when engaging with stakeholders in our markets, making it easier for us to confidently deliver on the promises we make.

Marko Viidig, Head of Vindr Baltics
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